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4 Fresh Wall Design Ideas

4 Fresh Wall Design Ideas

Whoever said walls needed to be boring? Lately, we’ve been doing lots of interesting custom woodwork projects that are spicing up a regular wall. Whether you’re looking to add interest to a living room, family room, bedroom or office, there are lots of ways to add dimension and texture to your walls. Here are some of our favorite new design ideas:

1. Niches Displays – One of our favorite custom woodworking tricks to add interest to a wall to create cut-out niches or alcoves in a wall. They can be used a small shelves or simply create a negative space that breaks up a long, solid wall. They are a great way of accenting personal heirlooms and artwork.

2. Three-dimensional tiles – Think all tiles are flat? Think again. This wall, which was designed by Mary Jane Derex and installed by Punch Construction, features textured mosaic limestone tiles that give depth to an accent wall. Although the color of the wall is fairly monochromatic, the texture of the tiles makes the wall a focal point.

3. Full-length mirrors – Distressed, aged or tinted mirrors are a great way of breathing life into a room. By using mirrors, the room will feel bigger. Plus, antiqued or tinted mirrors don’t make the room feel like a giant dressing room, but give it a warm, sophisticated feel.

4. Marble tiles – In the past, marble tiles were something you’d see in a kitchen backsplash or floor, but never along an entire wall of a living room. Recently, however, we hung oversized gray and white, marble tiles all along a wall that also housed a contemporary fireplace to create a modern look. (This room was designed by De Giulio Kitchen Designs.)

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