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4 Fresh Wall Design Ideas

Whoever said walls needed to be boring? Lately, we’ve been doing lots of interesting custom woodwork projects that are spicing up a regular wall. Whether you’re looking to add interest to a living room, family room, bedroom or office, there are lots of ways to add dimension and texture to your walls. Here are some

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LED lighting

Why we love LED lighting

One of the things we’ve been really excited about lately has been the advent of LED lighting ― or “light emitting diode” for the uninitiated ― in residential projects. We love them because they’re an easy way to add a lot of drama and ambiance to a space without much work. Because LEDs are microchips,

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Deck with hot tub

How to pick the right material for your deck

When it comes to building outdoor porches or decks in Chicago, there are three types of materials you can choose from: natural woods, hardwoods and composite materials. How do you know which type is best for you? Here’s the lowdown on our favorite types of deck materials, how much they cost and how they’ll hold

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